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Heart pill to banish bad memories
Scientists believe a common heart medicine may be able to banish fearful memories from the mind. - BBC

Scientists have discovered a way to reprogramme human skin cells so that they mimic embryonic stems with the potential to become any tissue in the body - BBC

Regulators, in the UK, are due to make a decision whether to allow human-animal embryos to be created and used for research. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is expected to give the plan the go-ahead in principle - but each case will still be judged individually - BBC


Dilemmas for Human Services 2008 Changing Contexts and Dilemmas for the Human services
12th International Research Conference. To be hosted by the University of East London, Thursday 11th September - Friday 12th September, 2008

Annual Colloquium Series "Ethics, Politics, Bioethics"
Thematic Workshop I: "Ethics and Biology"
Thematic Workshop II: "Global issues in Bioethics - Global justice & Democracy"
Languages of the Colloquium: Greek & English

Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, 13-14 June 2008

9th World Congress of Bioethics
Rijeka, Croatia September 3rd- 8th, 2008

4th South-East European Bioethical Forum international conference, on Integrative Bioethics and Pluri-Perspectivism, 3rd - 5th September 2008, associated conference within the framework of the 9th World Congress of Bioethics (3rd-8th September 2008), Rijeka/Opatija, Croatia

Global Forum on Bioethics in Research 9
Ethics of research involving indigenous peoples and vulnerable populations
Auckland, New Zealand December 3-5, 2008

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  7. The works referred to should appear at the end of the paper, set out in alphabetical and chronological order, in the following format:

O’Neill, Onora, 2000, The Bounds of Justice, Cambridge: Cambridge University   Press.
Contribution to a Collection:
Dworkin, Ronald, 1977, “Liberalism”, in Hampshire, Stuart, ed., Public and Private Morality, Cambridge: Cambridge  University Press.
Journal Article: Frankfurt, Harry, 1971, “Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person”,  Journal of Philosophy, 68, 5-20.

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